Oyster Knife Sheath


  • Custom leather sheath
  • Toadfish logo burnt into leather
  • Snap  top closer
  • Belt loop back
  • Fits perfectly with the Put ‘Em Back oyster knives


Keep your new Put ‘Em Back oyster knife close at your side with this custom leather sheath with a belt loop attachment. This sheath provides a nice place for storage keeping your new knife in pristine condition and makes it easily accessible.  It’s also a nice reminder to not leave your oyster knife behind after a night full of oysters and cocktails.  Let’s enjoy everything the coast has to offer and Put ‘Em Back for generations to come.


7 reviews for Oyster Knife Sheath

  1. This is a great sheath. Quality product and fast delivery

  2. This sheath is great! I shuck a lot of oysters and need my knife easily accessible. I have my knife right on my hip so I can use it whenever I need it. Great product!

  3. Quality leather sheath for my favorite oyster shucker.

  4. An oyster shucker like myself needs the best tools to get the job done correctly. This sheath looks and feels great. This and my Toadfish oyster shucker make a great pair

  5. I work at a restaurant at an oyster bar here in Charleston, great solution to my coworkers always stealing my knife

  6. It took awhile but someone finally figured out how to get an oyster knife home after a roast and stay clean. Very handy

  7. I bought this as a gift for my Dad and he loves it. The leather is quality and the knife fits perfectly inside.

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